Change your anxiety in 30 days challenges

Learn how to relax and get rid of your anxiety

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Every day is full of emotions. One can feel enthusiastic, happy, sad, anxious, angry and life can often feel like an emotional roller coaster. Especially when your life becomes too busy and your resources are drained, whether we speak about time, energy, money or ideas, you can feel anxious and experience really intense emotions. So, what can you do about them?

I invite you to join me for a set of challenges which will help you better understand and manage the emotions related to your life, whether they are positive or negative.  Most people seek positive emotions and try to get rid of the negative ones. While this might seem straightforward and logic, it is not always true. Positive emotions are desirable, yet not always useful. There are times when negative emotions need to occur, yet this must be within our control. Learn to differentiate between these two categories and how to control them. Also, make the difference between positive and negative emotions, as well as between negative functional and dysfunctional emotions.

These challenges include many relaxation techniques which are known to be helpful with many intense emotions such as (e.g. anxiety, anger, guilt). Some of them might feel right for you, while others not. Feel free to find the ones that work for you and keep them under control.

What You Will Learn!

  • How to identify the most important anxiety triggers
  • How to relax with different strategies (by breathing, counting, visualising)
  • How to change negative thoughts
  • How to take control over your life

Who Should Attend!

  • People that want to take control over their thoughts and get rid of their anxiety