Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Counselling and psychology approaches, theoretical knowledge and practice for counsellors to be, work from home / online

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Are you interested in a career as a professional therapist (or coach)? Do you want to learn how to use Dialectical Behaviour Therapy approach in your work or your personal life?

In this course you will take 24 informative lectures where you will be guided with the step-by-step approach in becoming a professional DBT therapist who work with clients in counselling and therapeutic settings. 

You will learn:

  • how to plan treatment goals with your client,

  •  how to use DBT approach in various disorders and conditions such as Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, OCD and eating disorder,

  • understand what is 'Mindfulness', 

  • what is 'Distress Tolerance',  

  • what is 'Emotional Regulation',

  • and much more!


You will also learn how to set up therapeutic and learning environment for the client, and you will understand the philosophy of DBT.

P.S. This course is now fully accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH).

P.P.S. At the end of the course you will see the instructions on how to obtain your certificate of completion

About your instructor: Elmira Strange, MPhil - a Research Psychologist with a 10-year of experience in teaching and research. Elmira has a passion for creating courses related to Psychology, Counseling, Self-Development, and Coaching.

What You Will Learn!

  • Know how to use DBT approach in order to decrease 'emotional suffering'
  • Learn how to use DBT for disorders such as bipolar, depression, BPD, anxiety
  • Know how to structure therapeutic sections ('online' or 'offline')
  • Grasp the theoretical knowledge of DBT, 'Distress Tolerance', Mindfulness

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who works (or wants to work) in therapeutic settings
  • Anyone who is interested in counselling or psychotherapy
  • Anyone who wants to learn DBT approach