English Vocabulary: Speaking for Intermediate Students

Improve your vocabulary and English speaking with these common idioms

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In this course you will improve your English speaking. You will increase your vocabulary. And you will practice your new vocabulary using proper English grammar. 

Together, we will study English vocabulary called "idioms" that are popular all over the world. This vocabulary (these idioms) are in everyday speech, business, books, music, movies, and anywhere else you can think of where English speaking happens. 

My students ask me all the time: "How can I sound more like a native speaker" and "How can I improve my vocabulary?" This is a difficult question to answer, but the best way to improve your English is to practice everyday and to learn English from a native speaker; particularly one that's qualified to teach English. Like me :) 

Learning vocabulary like these idioms will improve your speaking because you will see/hear conversations in natural English, between native English speakers. Then you will be encouraged to practice by speaking English using your new vocabulary. I'm here to help along the way! 

Let's work together to improve your English speaking skills, increase your vocabulary, and build your confidence.

Thanks for taking this course with me. See you in the first video!

What You Will Learn!

  • have conversations in English with native speakers
  • have better vocabulary and word choices
  • speak like a native English speaker using common idioms
  • improve listening abilities to understand native speakers more

Who Should Attend!

  • ESL students who want to improve their vocabulary and speaking
  • ESL learners who want to speak conversational English
  • ESL students for improved English speaking and conversation skills
  • ESL Students for increasing their English vocabulary
  • ESL Students who want to practice English grammar and vocabulary together