New! Raise funds for your innovative business with EU grants

Learn about EU funding opportunities, the European Innovation Council, and the EU SME Instrument!

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Updated November 2020!

Do you have a deep tech startup or small/medium business doing R&D? 

Do you conduct research or work in innovation?

Course Summary: 

  • Learn all about EU Institutions and funding programmes for businesses 

  • Start at the beginning, refresh your EU knowledge and understand the goals & values of the EU to win your application for funding. 

  • Review all of the funding programs, rules and principles of EU funding.

  • Learn about the Horizon budget program, and the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot. 

  • Special focus on the EU SME Instrument, with example winners and a guide to how you can prepare a winning proposal. 

  • Review the application process so you don't make any mistakes.  

  • Finish with some fun EU jargon and how you can improve the writing in your proposals.

    The EU EIC Accelerator (formerly SME Instrument) is funding for innovative deep tech startups and scaleups.

    You will learn:

    • What is it?

    • Who can apply?

    • How much can you get? (up to 17M!)

    • How to prepare the best application

    The webinar is designed for CEOs, COOs, Founders, business developers, decision makers, Investors, Coworking leaders, and other startup-related professionals working with innovative tech businesses.

What You Will Learn!

  • Find EU funding opportunities
  • Apply for EU funds for businesses
  • Understand the EU, the different institutions, goals and values

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who wants to learn about EU grant funding opportunities
  • People interested in the EU SME Instrument
  • People who want to apply for EU funds