Flaticon: How to Find & Customize Icons for Free

Create Professional Icons to Strengthen your Brand Identity

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In this course we are going to talk about ICONS and how they became super important for any organization or business.

Icons are now everywhere: you will find them on your smartphone as the app icons, navigation icons and so forth; on almost every new website to present or illustrate a block of information visually, but also on print material like brochures, posters, product packaging etc.

So because it became a trend, we figured we would create a course about them so that you can learn where to find icons that work for your company and how to use them effectively to strengthen your brand.

What You Will Learn!

  • Create a strong & consistent brand identity using icons
  • Find hundreds of thousands of FREE icons online
  • Customize the icons your find to match your brand colors

Who Should Attend!

  • Entrepreneurs getting started with their project
  • Businesses & organizations who want to improve their brand identity
  • Anyone involved in visual marketing, logo creation & branding
  • People in charge of website or document design