Learn Military Close Combat Training | Captain Chris Pizzo

Military Hand-To-Hand Self Defense System Lets You Humiliate Younger, Tougher, BIGGER and More Experienced Attackers.

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The Military Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About Defending Themselves, Their Family, And Their Freedom:

If I offered to personally show you exactly how to stop violent attackers DEAD in their tracks...

Without needing to be fast, strong, or in good physical shape…

Without long, sweat-drenched hours of classes…

Without a gun…

Even if you have no previous fighting experience what-so-ever…

Would you be interested?

My name is Captain Chris Pizzo.

And even with a lifetime of martial arts and military training experience, my wife and I were almost stabbed to death when dragged out of our car and attacked mercilessly by a street gang.

Afterwards I spent every penny I had traveling the world studying at the feet of martial arts masters, exploring dozens of self defense methods, and testing hundreds of weapons…

All searching for the true “answer” to self defense.

I finally discovered that in World War II, a little known, easy to use, easy to remember, and unbeatable method of personal protection was developed called "Close Combat Training".

Stripping away all the ceremony and complex movements of traditional martial arts and self defense, Close Combat Training was first proven by British Commandos in the 1920's to retake the streets of criminally-controlled Shanghai.

It was later used, with a perfect service record, to battle the greatest threat the world has ever seen, the fanatically evil Nazi regime.

What makes Close Combat Training so effective is its principle use of gross-motor (large muscle-group) movements to deliver "one-strike" knockouts, bone-breaks, and barehanded weapon disarms against any number of attackers.

But even better…

Documented records show that this can all be achieved by anyone regardless of your age, strength, or current physical abilities.

For the past 20 years I’ve dedicated my life to sharing this powerful method with others who believe in our individual right to protect our lives, our liberty, and our personal property from all those looking to take it.

Now it's your turn to let everyone know that YOU are no longer afraid of those actively working to destroy what you know and love.

See you inside!

Fear No Man,

Captain Chris Pizzo
World Leader In Self Defense

What You Will Learn!

  • Technique & Targeting Fundamentals: The biggest difference in the street/battlefield is not only how and where you hit, but more importantly...when you hit.
  • The Forward Drive: The methodology and critical importance of driving in and through your attacker.
  • Shoulder Smash & Irish Whip: Escape, evade, or continue the attack until you are out of danger.
  • Fight Finishers: Survival is kill or get killed. Learn the full gamut of finishing techniques that will disable your attacker from harming you or others.
  • The Ranger Choke: Banned in every combat sport including UFC, this is the ultimate shortcut fight move.
  • The Chin Jab: With no defense available, learn THE most dangerous hand-to-hand combat technique ever created in history.
  • Dirty Ground Fighting: Learn how to eliminate your fear of being down on the pavement, and turn the tide of battle back to your favor.
  • Fight To Win: How to use Close Combat in real life to ABSOLUTELY dominate any possible violent encounter.
  • The Onslaught Bum Rush: How do you defend against against a bigger, stronger opponent charging at you, fists flying? It's a lot simpler than you might think.
  • Beating Bear Hugs, Head Locks, & Chokes: Be it in an alleyway, bar, road rage incident, or even just an unwanted advance, learn how to get out and stay out.
  • Surviving Knife Attacks: Being attacked with a knife is the highest, most common fear. This is the ONLY proven "no practice needed" defense needed.
  • "Gangsta" Gun Removal: The secret truth about gun defenses, and how to snatch a firearm out of someone's hand so faster than ANYONE can pull a trigger.

Who Should Attend!

  • Does NOT require a lot of time to master—You can learn it, literally, in a couple hours—even if you're a total fighting "green horn" now.
  • Does NOT require you to be in peak physical condition— Guys with bulging beer bellies and bum knees use Close Combat Training to send younger and more experienced fighters—even advanced martial artists—to the emergency room.
  • Does NOT require you to be uninjured to work— These are "gross motor movement" techniques. Which is why even soldiers with their legs blown off were able to defend themselves against armed enemies closing in on them in trenches and ditches.
  • Does NOT require any practice—once you learn it, it's "locked in" your mind, your neurology and even your muscle fibers forever. You cannot forget it even if you wanted to. It's like a weapon strapped to your leg 24/7—365 days per year—ready to be drawn and fired at a moment's notice at any time, in any place, and under any circumstances.