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Listen, Practice and Speak Moroccan Arabic language from beginner to advanced with an online professional teacher !

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Let me tell you a Moroccan joke I heard when I was in Marrakech !

A French teacher told her student : what is your name? 

-The student said : my name is Miloud  (Arabic male name)

-Teacher said :from now on your name will be Philip. 

The kid went home thinking he became Philip. 

-His parents call on him. Hey Miloud bring me this. ... . Miloud doesn't answer. 

-Miloud do that. .... still don't answer .so his father got really angry and gave his boy a black eye .

Day after that Miloud went back to school. 

-Teacher asked him: Philip what is wrong with your eye? 

-Miloud replied : The Arabs hit me! ! 

Do you find it funny ? ,if you do then congraguations you have an easygoing personality but don't you feel it would have been a lot funnier

if I told you this exact same joke In Moroccan and you understood it in its original context ,that would have left you with an extraordinary

feeling no one can experience but you . This is what passed my mind when I heard this joke from an old man in Marrakech old city.

Everyone was laughing then at the joke except a couple of tourists who didn't understand what was going on .I felt sorry for them so I

decided to do something about it .And here I am,I found myself teaching online and finally found my purpose in life .

  • Who should take this course ?

- Anyone who has the passion to discover a culture that has been around for more than a 1000 years.

-If you are visiting the country,this course will save you a lot of money and open a lot of opportunities for you,(believe me it happened to a lot of my students ).

- The course is mainly designed for English speakers ,but everyone is welcome .In fact 53% of my students are from non english speaking  countries and yet they take the course and really enjoy it (I guess we live in a globalized world after all!).

-The course can also help you learn or prepare for MODERN STANDARD ARABIC.

Here is what you will get :

- 8 HOURS of on Demand Video .

- Complete and detailed explanations .

- Practice activities at the end of each section .

- More than 1500 useful words in vocabulary.

- The course will help you build strong communication bonds with Moroccan natives .

After finishing the course , you will have no problem understanding and reacting with Moroccan citizens .

So join us now  and see for yourself !

What You Will Learn!

  • By the end of this course, you will SPEAK fluent Moroccan !
  • Moroccan language will be your easy gateway to learning Modern Standard Arabic !
  • Good command of the Arabic grammar
  • Intermediate level of vocabulary
  • Establish good communication with natives
  • Speak proper Moroccan and pronounce words correctly !

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginner level - ( Highly encouraged to enroll ! )
  • Intermediate level
  • Travelling to Morocco
  • Work/study in Morocco
  • Tourists and Foreigners