Learn The Ip Man Wooden Dummy Wing Chun Form

How to do the Wooden Dummy Wing Chun Form so that you Improve Timing, Speed, Power and Structure

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Nothing compares to the sound of someone working on the Wooden Dummy in an martial arts school.

I remember it was the first thing that I noticed when I first walked into a Wing Chun school.

I didn’t care about anything else but reaching the level where I could final y work on the dummy, just like in the old Kung Fu movies, just like I’ve seen in the photos of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan’s movies.

When I finally did start working on the wooden man, I learned that there was more to this piece of equipment that meets the eye.

The wooden dummy is an excellent tool. We call it the second trainer, because it fixes your angles, it fixes your position, it allows you to grow more power and to improve your structure.

Here’s what you get in this video course:

  • How to step while using the wooden dummy
  • Wooden dummy form demonstration from different angles
  • The full wooden dummy form and explanations
  • How to do the form if you don’t have a wooden dummy
  • How to visualize defending yourself from multiple opponents attacking you while doing the Wooden Dummy Form

I am looking forward very much to having you as a student in this course and I can’t wait to read your feedback and your questions…

What You Will Learn!

  • Do the full Ip Man (Yip Man) Wooden Dummy Form
  • Improve their Timing and Speed
  • Improve their Power
  • Improve their Structure
  • Feel More comfortable while using Wing Chun
  • Have stronger Internal Power

Who Should Attend!

  • For you if you are a Wing Chun practitioner who has a foundation to work with and you want to improve Timing, Structure, Power and your Angles so that you feel more comfortable and you have better results while using Wing Chun
  • For you if you practice Jeet Kune Do, and you want to have a stronger structure and add more power to your kicks and punches
  • For you if you want to train Wing Chun, or Ving Tsun, but you don’t have a school nearby, but you have a good understanding of the basic moves