Between Lives Regression Therapy; Advanced Past Lives

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy based BLR spiritual healing sessions for clients, with Spirit Guides, Soul Groups & Soul Council

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* Do some of your Past Life or Spiritual Healing clients;

  • have complex karmic issues, so it’s harder to come to a clean conclusion?

  • have multiple past lives, so each session raises more questions than answers?

  • spontaneously go into a realm of unusually wise spiritual wisdom?

  • have a strongly spiritually orientated personality or presenting issue?

If so, these types of clients can benefit from an additional session or two of Between Lives Therapy (BLRT), that could also be called Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

* Are you interested in accessing spiritual wisdom, with a precise therapeutic structure and language?

  • This course can help put into words and focus your spiritual understandings, so it can be applied practically to help your clients spiritual insights and journey, and your own.

  • A one hour audio session of BLR is included. You could use this to learn to be a therapist. Or you could take this course as an in-depth way of having your own online BLR session.

Course Highlights;

  • Get a process to take clients through a session of Between Lives Regression Therapy (BLRT).

  • Get a Script Book to use in session, and a Manual explaining many variations of response.

  • Get a sixty minute BLRT audio session, to experience and learn to do BLR from the inside.

  • Get two major case studies illustrating the entire BLRT process.

  • Learn how to integrate BLRT with your Past Life and Hypnotherapy sessions.

  • A Final Client Assessment form to ensure your clients and issues are appropriate for sessions.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a Prerequisite for Between Lives Regression Therapy (BLRT) - They Are Intertwined;

Between Lives is going Between the Present Life and the Past Lives. So most of your BLR clients will have already gone through past life, spiritual healing or hypnotherapy with age regression sessions before getting to BLR.

Spiritual healers may find a background in past lives is enough, though extra formal therapeutic study may be helpful. If you are not already qualified in these areas, you can do my “Past Life Regression” and “Hypnotherapy with Age Regression” courses before doing this BLR course.

BLR is a ‘Post-Requisite’ for PLR;

BLR is the next logical and almost inevitable step to advance and deepen your Past Life Regression. Eventually in their career, PLR therapists will encounter BLR opportunities spontaneously, or get round to learning BLR.

BLR and PLR Crossover;

BLR and PLR are so closely related you could say BLR is more the other side of the coin to PLR, and less of a separate coin.

In PLR, we ‘break the bonds of time’, ’reframe’, and often manage karma implicitly. It is more efficient and easier for a newer PLR Therapist to use these straightforward techniques with most clients.

In BLR, we work with the next level of clients that benefit by addressing karma explicitly and deeply. It becomes more efficient to go to another level of wisdom that cuts to the core spiritual lessons.

BLRs Next Level;

In both PLR and BLR we meet the client's Spirit Guide for a life review. BLR extends the interaction with the Spirit Guide, and adds meetings with the Soul Group and the Soul Council. We have extended life reviews, and reviews of multiple lives that explicitly unravel complex karmic causes and affects. We add large sections on life previews and body selection. Crucially the therapeutic resolution now comes more from big picture spiritual lessons.

Course Structure & BLR Process;

  1. Preparation; Client Interview, Pre-Talk, Setting Expectations & Inductions.

  2. Entering BLR; BLR Deepeners. Past Life Regression to past death.

  3. Spirit Guides; Meeting guides. Life review. Personal karma.

  4. Soul Groups; Inner and outer. Interactive and collective karma.

  5. Soul Council; reviewing all aspects of BLR, especially reviewing past BLR, karma, life selection decisions and spiritual lessons.

  6. Body Selection & Spiritual Lessons; Explore the main purpose of BLR, and lessons learnt across multiple past lives and multiple life between lives.

  7. Therapy; Heal and take the therapeutic resolution into the present life.

Reviews For Between Lives Regression (BLR).

"Thank you for doing this course. After doing the hypnosis that you have recorded, I felt light headed and tingly. I asked my partner Christine Marie, and she confirmed energetically the changes. She told me my aura was getting lighter, and she then started working on my neck to permit the energy to flow through. Very thankful you offered this."

"High quality course, very thorough, amazing documentation, great tips... Thank you!”

"As a hypnotherapist and Author this is filling in some pieces of my life puzzle."

"Complete and well-structured course. It was very enjoyable to go through these lessons. Mark really knows his stuff, and is a very good communicator. I highly recommend this course for those interested in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy."

"I have done all of Mark Beale's courses and they are just fantastic. I've learned a lot and I have had some amazing personal breakthroughs as well. Thank you Mark."

Reviews For “Past Life Regression (PLR)” - BLR’s ‘sister’ course.

  • "I'm amazed with this course. I'm already conversational hypnotist myself. Just listening to the audio I was able to view some of my past lives and benefit from it. Looking forward to take "Life between life" course. Thank you, Mark!”

  • "This was a very insightful and informative course! I am doing the Life between Lives course next! Thank you!

  • "This course was put together well. Was very well explained and easy to follow and I Love that there is a past life regression video at the end as well as various MP3s to download. Thank you”

  • "Very practical, very hands-on, I will know exactly what to do and what to say in a session as a therapist."

  • "As a hypnotherapist I found this course very informative and a great addition to the work I already do. Having already completed a few other PLR courses, I have enjoyed and have gotten the most from this one. If you are a beginner and wanting to work with clients, you may also want to consider doing some other studies in hypnotherapy to increase your understanding and also to build upon the information in this wonderful informative and practical course."

  • "This was a wonderful course explained in an easy to understand way. The tutor is so knowledgeable and covered everything you need to know about P.L.R and how to bring about healing. I liked that he was very spiritual. I am a newly qualified clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual Medium and healer and this course enlightened me as to how I want to work. Thank you.”

Common Thought; I’ve got my hands full learning and doing Past Life Regression - do I have to learn a whole new modality in Between Lives Regression Therapy?

Personally, I started off hesitant to learn another new modality in Between Lives Regression. When my clients experiences in session motivated me to learn, I was initially almost slightly disappointed with how similar Between Lives Regression was to Past Life Regression. But, then I became appreciative of how BLR did give me another unique tool so I could offer another valuable session type, and it made me better at PLR, I slightly regretted any delay in learning BLR. You could take this course as a way to give a new session type, or simply to enhance and advance current your Past Life Regression practice.

This course comes with the Udemy Certificate of Completion. There are no additional certificates from my Past Life Awakening Institute for courses taken on Udemy.

For details on advanced professional level training, visit my Past Life Awakening Institute website and youtube channel.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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Thanks, Mark :)

What You Will Learn!

  • Take clients through a complete Between Lives Regression (BLR) session.
  • Conduct client interviews, give pre-talks and deal with FAQs.
  • Use inductions, deepeners & regression to past life death to enter BLR.
  • Meet Spirit Guides for a life review, including individual karma.
  • Access Soul Groups to review lives, body choices and interactive karma.
  • Access the Soul Council to resolve issues through spiritual lessons.
  • Relate cases studies to your clients, and gain confidence to do BLR.
  • Have your own experience of BLR through a one hour session.

Who Should Attend!

  • Hypnotherapists, Past Life Regression Therapists or Spiritual Healers who want to add Between Lives Regression as a session type for their clients.
  • Therapists who have done some live training in this area and would like a practical online resource to support their implementation of BLR.
  • People who are considering doing PLRT or BLR, and want to get an idea of the subject that might inspire them to do the prerequisites.
  • People interested in the therapeutic approach to the spiritual dimension between incarnations, for their own spiritual understanding, with a personal experience through the one hour BLR session.