Mastering Types feature in illustrator 2020

Super cool and A-Z guide to understanding types in illustrator with hands on project !

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-- Welcome to the course: --

This course will guide you and teach you about the super fun about types in adobe illustrator. you will learn almost all about types in illustrator . this course will introduce you all the basic and advanced types tool in depth. show you how and where you can use those types tool effectively.

You will learn and practice with a whole lot of example and even we will work with projects too. so you will understand these awesome types tool in depth and master types in illustrator.

After completing this course!

  • You will have understanding of the types in illustrator
  • you will have understanding of all the basics and advance types tool in depth.
  • you will be able to create any shapes with types in illustrator.
  • you will be able to work effectively in illustrator.
  • you will be able to create your own awesome word cloud in illustrator
  • you will be able to create awesome typography in alomost any shapes
  • you will understand multiple different way and techniques to use type in illustrator

Materials Included:

  • Exercise files
  • .ai files
  • .jpg files
  • fonts

At the end of course you will face the course completion quiz, Remember that will be compulsory to test you knowledge you learned in this course and for get your certificate. i hope you will love this course.

So let's get started !

What You Will Learn!

  • All exercise files.
  • Create almost any kind types and shapes in illustrator
  • Professional level Understanding of types
  • Learn all about illustrator

Who Should Attend!

  • Everybody, who wants to be a graphic designers or wants to learn illustrator.
  • Everybody who wants to do mastering in shapes creation in any graphics design tools.
  • Everybody who love to work with illustrator or photoshop