Meditation for Beginners: Boost Your Productivity in 5 Days

Meditation will help you increase focus, boost productivity, achieve your goals. Start now with this meditation course.

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Do you want to increase focus, boost productivity, and achieve your goals?

This 5-day meditation challenge is the perfect way to start off your day. This challenge helps you focus on the tasks that will help you achieve your goals. This course was created with beginners in mind, who aren't used to doing meditations. So if this is your first time trying meditations, it might be the perfect course for you!

Download MP3s of all the meditations to take with you on your phone or mobile device!

You will be more productive and accomplish your goals quicker. 

Meditation for Entrepreneurs + Anyone Else With Goals

You don't need any experience meditating. In fact, we created these meditations for people with little or no experience.

Each day of the challenge,  all you have to do is pause for 10-15 minutes of your morning, and you’ll quickly see the benefits of meditating.

  • Quiet your mind

  • Increase your focus

  • Boost productivity

Plus, get two bonus meditations - one specifically geared to helping you find a sense of calm, and another to help you understand your target customer.

Our students love this course:

"Great meditation! I really enjoy it, thank you." - Yair Arzate

"Great introduction to meditation!" -Kim Upton

"I'm not entrepreneur (i'm software developer), but this daily meditation was helpful for me. Before this course i have problem with concentration, but now i feel yourself great. Thank you." -Dmitry Tkachuk

Enroll now, and challenge yourself to spend a few minutes in the morning with these meditations, which will quickly turn into more productive and focused days.

What You Will Learn!

  • Increase your focus through meditation
  • Boost your productivity through meditation
  • Achieve your goals through meditation
  • Feel happier through meditation

Who Should Attend!

  • This series of meditations is great for beginners who are brand new to meditating.
  • These meditations were created for entrepreneurs and people who want to increase their focus and productivity. Even if you aren't an entrepreneur, you will still benefit from these meditations.