The Complete Meyer Microwave Pressure Cooker Cooking Recipes

Over 20 healthy and delicious recipes you can cook using the Meyer microwave pressure cooker - from side to main dish!

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This is a course which offers you recipes which you can cook with the use of Meyer microwave pressure cooker. You will learn new ways how to cook and prepare vegetables as well as meat which everyone can enjoy. The recipes in this course are very versatile as you can substitute the vegetable ingredients with whatever vegetables you have at home.

The recipes taught in this course are cooked using a microwave pressure cooker. The cooking videos are easy and fun to see so you will not get bored learning while watching.

This course is specially made for the busy papas as well as the busy mamas out there who wants to prepare healthy and delicious dinner with the limited time they have at home. The recipes are really easy and quick to prepare plus it's healthy so there's no reason for you not to try the recipes. At the end of this course you'll appreciate your microwave more and realize that it's not only for heating/defrosting frozen food but also to cook healthy and delicious meals.

See you all in class. Everyone is invited to take the course. Happy cooking!

What You Will Learn!

  • Cook food using the microwave pressure cooker.
  • Prepare delicious meals at home without taking much time.
  • Enjoy homemade microwave cooked food.

Who Should Attend!

  • Students who are looking for recipes for microwave pressure cooker.
  • This course is specially prepared for the busy papas as well as busy mamas who wants to prepare delicious dinner for the family with the limited time they have.