Growing Mushrooms Indoors for Business and Pleasure

Learn to grow Oyster and Lion's Mane Mushrooms in small spaces - for Beginner Home Growers and Farming Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that you can grow edible, tasty and valuable mushrooms indoors, with simple equipment, in just a few weeks? 

This beginner course will teach you what mushrooms need and how to grow them successfully on a budget, in small spaces.  We'll focus on Oyster and nootropic Lion's Mane mushrooms, using farming techniques that can be applied to other wood-loving mushrooms too.

In this comprehensive course you'll learn the full mushroom growing and harvesting process using straw, straw pellets, paper pellets and hardwood sawdust.  We'll look at growing edible and nootropic mushrooms on your kitchen counter, in specialised grow spaces, and even visit a mushroom farm to learn how they scaled up to business-level production. 

On this course we will primarily grow mushrooms from 'grain spawn' which is like a live mushroom 'seed' and is available to buy online in most countries.  I'll also show you how to make your own grain spawn using a 'liquid culture' or 'spore syringe', also commonly available to buy online.

This is a beginner course - if you've never grown mushrooms before, this is a great starting place. Perhaps you're interested to grow healthy food for your family, or maybe you're dreaming of starting your own mushroom farm.  Whatever your motivation, your journey starts here!

What You Will Learn!

  • How to grow Oyster and Lions Mane mushrooms indoors using basic equipment
  • What mushrooms are, what they need and how they grow
  • How to turn a liquid culture or spore syringe to mushrooms - through making grain spawn, colonising substrate and fruiting mushrooms
  • What to think about if you want to scale up from home growing to a mushroom-farming business

Who Should Attend!

  • Entrepreneurs or food lovers who want to grow urban food - for business or to feed their families.