@ Home Yoga Retreat : NOURISHMENT

Cooking, Yoga & Relaxation. Nourish yourself right now, lift burnout. Feel more like yourself again in just a few hours!

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Can't Take A Vacation But Need to Recharge?

Get a thorough guide to Recharging your Body, Mind, Heart and Belly :)

When you bring healthy food, gentle movement and real relaxation together you make 'wellness magic'.

This is your recipe to feel less stressed, anxious and catch up on good sleep. And the best part is you can have all this without taking a week off work or spending a ton of money which also removes stress.

You will feel recharged from the inside out. You want to enjoy your life more right?!

You already know if you were exercising more, eating better and sleeping better things would improve. But you can't find the time and a vacation is out of the question; it's too expensive and you can't take time off. You are exhausted and life is out of balance.

100% save up for that vacation this year, I love to travel too, but don't wait to take care of yourself!

Take the weekend or a few days to feel like a new person; nourished and recharged.

The program is fun and easy to follow, we are basically gonna retreat together at your home at your pace.


5 part mini series.

1. Recharge = mindful cooking (food prep) + gentle yoga + relaxation techniques

2. Relax = mindful cooking (breakfast) + gentle yoga + mindfulness exercise + stress management tip

3. Restore = mindful cooking (lunch) + stress release flow + enjoying life + the magic of breathing

4. Center = mindful cooking (snacks) + yin yoga + your beautiful mind + meditation

5. Connect = mindful cooking (dinner) + restorative yoga + closing ceremonies

* All meals are gluten free. PDF Grocery list, 9+ recipes and wellness handouts included.

Let me look after you for a change. I definitely know how you feel!


What You Will Learn!

  • Nourish your body with easy to make healthy meals.
  • Discover what YOU need to de-stress.
  • Reduce physical tension with gentle yoga and breathing.
  • Calm your mind with simple meditation techniques.
  • Feel more relaxed to take on life's challenges.

Who Should Attend!

  • Experiencing overwhelm and need a break.
  • Feel stressed buy can't take time off.
  • Life is about everyone else and not you.
  • ​Need new healthy easy meal ideas.
  • ​You just want to feel like you've been on vacation, without spending the money!