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This course enables you to learn how to deal with Excel arrays and  using regular Excel formulas and functions and those related to matrices.

You can perform mathematical operations on matrices such as Matrix Addition, Subtractions, Multiply two matrices, Matrix Transpose, Matrix inverse and Matrix Identity.

You can also solve the system of linear equations using matrices,and using Cramer's rule With a hands on examples from real life.

What You Will Learn!

  • Using arrays in MS Excel
  • Organize data in Matrix
  • Learn How Excel handles Matrix Math
  • Make Matrix Addition And Subtraction
  • Multiply Two Matrices
  • Matrix Inverse
  • Matrix Transpose, and Matrix Identity
  • Calculate Matrix Determinant
  • Solving system of Linear Equations using Matrix
  • Solving system of Linear Equations using Cramer's Rule

Who Should Attend!

  • Teachers
  • Accountant
  • High school or college students
  • Anyone who wants to study math using MS Excel