Art Therapy - the Grand Finale : 4

Art Therapy - including Neurographic art (Beginners to Advanced)N

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This new course is part of a six-part series leading to the Triple Star Oxford Diploma.

On this section of the course we cover:

  • Symbols

  • Neurographic Art

  • Common Mistakes

  • Analysis of the process and the product in the work of Cassandra (co-Instructor)

Expect to have new ideas, original artwork and to be encouraged to DO artwork as well as discuss and evaluate.

As there are two Instructors on this course a wider array of opinions is available. When we look at Cassandra's work we go through her own record of thoughts during the process, as well as the final product.

This is a short course (as it is part of the series) so there is a heavy emphasis on participation. If you follow the analysis, do the exercises and - importantly - submit the work to the Q/A then it is likely that the discussion will further enable you to continue your journey of self-exploration.

Accompanying this course is a Course Manual as well as the 'December Workbook' with exercises and ideas for every day throughout December. This means you can print out the manual and do exercise - and record your thoughts and observations - away from the course. Sometimes artwork is better done in silence!

What You Will Learn!

  • The analysis of neurographic art
  • Mistakes made when interpreting artwork
  • Interpretation of symbolism
  • Analysis of the process as well as the final piece of art

Who Should Attend!

  • Any aspiring art therapists
  • Everyone interested in exploring the therapeutic uses of art
  • All interested in neurographic art