Coping & Moving Forward After a Layoff at Your Organization

Navigating the Emotional and Practical Aftermath of a Layoff

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Course Description: Navigating the Emotional and Practical Aftermath of a Layoff

Losing your job can be a devastating and disorienting experience. This comprehensive course helps those affected by layoffs navigate the emotional impact while providing practical strategies for moving forward with confidence and resilience.

Modules include:

  • Understanding Your Emotions: Learn to recognize and manage the complex range of emotions following a layoff, including grief, anger, and survivor's guilt. Develop essential self-care strategies to promote your well-being during this time.

  • Rebuilding Your Future: Address financial concerns, rebuild your confidence, and create a proactive job search strategy. Learn to reframe your story with a focus on your skills and potential.

  • Revitalize Your Job Search: Define your ideal career path, craft a compelling resume that highlights your strengths, and develop powerful interview skills to showcase your value to potential employers.

  • Adapting in the Workplace: For those who remain after layoffs, learn strategies for navigating workplace changes, supporting colleagues, and building trust within a potentially altered team dynamic.

  • Continuous Growth: Develop a growth mindset essential for thriving in the evolving job market. Discover upskilling opportunities to stay relevant and cultivate the resilience needed for a future-ready workforce.

This course provides a supportive environment to process emotions, develop actionable plans, and become empowered for a successful career transition.

What You Will Learn!

  • Understanding Your Emotions
  • Rebuilding Your Future
  • Revitalize Your Job Search
  • Adapting in the Workplace
  • Continuous Growth

Who Should Attend!

  • Individuals Impacted by Layoffs: If you've recently lost your job, this course provides emotional support, helps you understand your feelings, and guides you through the practical steps of rebuilding your career and financial stability.
  • Those Concerned about Job Security: If you're feeling anxious about the job market or potential layoffs, this course offers proactive strategies to develop a resilient mindset, upskill, and prepare yourself for potential career transitions.
  • Employees Remaining After Layoffs: If your workplace has experienced layoffs, this course helps you navigate the emotional impact on yourself and your team, manage change, promote team morale, and build trust in the altered environment.
  • Career Transition Seekers: Whether a layoff prompted your change or you're simply seeking a new direction, this course will help you define your ideal job, prepare a powerful resume, and excel in interviews.
  • Anyone Seeking Growth in a Changing Market: This course emphasizes continuous learning and building a future-proof skillset. It's perfect for those who want to stay adaptable and thrive regardless of job market fluctuations.