Facial Anatomy & Character Portrait for Blender Artists

Learn all about the Face Anatomy and How to Create Realistic Character in Blender

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Have you tried sculpting and texturing a realistic face and no matter how much effort you put into it, it doesn't turn out the way you want it? Are you just fed up of not getting anywhere with your skillset? Then welcome to the Facial Anatomy and Portrait Course for Blender Artists. My name is Corazon Bryant, professional 3D artist and educator. I will be your instructor here.

In this course, we will take the time to truly understand the underlying structure of the human face. We will dive in deep and study the facial anatomy the correct way by dissecting each important parts of the skull, fat, and muscles. You will gain exceptional observational skills that will allow you to identify every little bump and forms that show on the surface of the human face.

After you obtain the foundation of the facial anatomy, you will apply what you have learned by creating a realistic portrait. We will sculpt and make connections between our references and our anatomy knowledge. I will show you have to retopologize, unwrap, bake and texture. We will create custom skin stamps that we can utilize as high resolution textures for skin pores and wrinkles. Another huge part of creating believable skin is understanding the nodes of Blender and how to construct a network of them to achieve lifelike results.

We will make realistic eyes, eyebrows, lashes, facial fuzz, and hair. Vertex group and weight painting are significant methods we will use to control our particle hair system.

To create our realistic cloth, we will use Blender's cloth simulation. I will show you how to create fabric and how to project a photo on the mesh to add an extra texture on our jacket.

Once everything is done, you will learn how to generate a cinematic film shot of your character that you can use for future job opportunities.

If you have the patience, time, and self-motivation, then this course will do extreme wonders for you. If you feel that your character creation skill is not improving, then it is time for you to learn the anatomy. Come and join this course at Victory3D.

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn the underlying structure of the human face including, skull, fat, and muscles
  • Gain exceptional observational skills to identify every bump and forms on human face
  • Sculpt a photo realistic human face
  • Create custom high resolution skin textures
  • Make complex nodes for believable skin shader
  • Use vertex group and weight painting to control particle hair system
  • Understand cloth simulation to create realistic folds
  • Render cinematic film shot

Who Should Attend!

  • For those who want to know the secrets to creating accurate and realistic human face