Firebase for PHP (Laravel)

Learn how to integrate Firebase with your Laravel apps

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Hello everybody ,

new course , new skill , new level

In this course we are going to learn Firebase services (Authentication , realtime database and Firestore database) and integrating them with your PHP projects

The course also is valid for both PHP native apps and Laravel apps .

Firstly we will understand what firebase is and how to create a developer account in Firebase console ,

Then we will start our first section by learning more about firebase Authentication services and how user can auth with email and password using this service .

then we will move to user management and we explain how to disable , enable list and remove users  using Auth component .

After that we will move to explain two of the most powerful features of Firebase

- Realtime Database and Firestore database

In the Realtime Database section we will learn how to integrate your app with realtime database in firebase using firebase-php SDK and we apply (crud) operations (create, read , update and delete ) and also filtering data using simple queries .

In the last section (Firestore database) we will more about Firestore database and how to use to for large projects by using organized data and  speed queriers .

Hope this course boosting your skills and moving forward :)

Thanks and see you in next courses .

What You Will Learn!

  • integrate Firebase with PHP
  • Firebase realtime database
  • Firebase firestore
  • Firebase authentication

Who Should Attend!

  • Any PHP developer who wants to improve its skills with realtime technologies