Healing Yoga: Health-Giving alignments of 24 key Yoga Poses

Experience healing benefits from your yoga poses by mindfully aligning your body the right way

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This course teaches the health-giving alignments of 24 key Yoga-poses. 

Apply the health-giving alignments in your Yoga-Routine and gain healing benefits from your practice. Become fully aware of, how to align your body correctly. Understand why your own body and breath can be a great teacher for you. Watch the videos as often as needed. Become more conscious of your inner self during your practice. 

The student will gain a fundamental understanding of how to align the body; gaining a strong foundation that helps to flower as beautiful human being.

Yoga-Poses taught in this course:

Standing Poses & Hip openers

  • Organic Pose / Tadasana

  • Tree Pose / Vrksasana

  • Chair Pose / Utkatasana

  • Warrior I / Virabhadrasana I

  • Extended Side Stretch / Parsvakonasana

  • Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II

  • Triangle Pose / Trikonasana

Benefits of practicing Standing Poses & Hip openers

gives flexibility to the hip joints & stretches the lower back muscles, strengthens the legs and corrects minor leg deformities; improves sense of balance. Opens the chest area and lengthens the spine and arms. It encourages a sense of focus and calm in the practitioner.

Sitting Poses & Forward-Bending Postures

  • Staff Pose / Dandasana 

  • Hero Pose / Virasana 

  • Head to Knee Pose / Janu Sirsasana

  • Seated Forward Bend / Paschimottanasana

Benefits of practicing Sitting Poses & Forward-Bending Postures

strengthens the spinal muscles, increases lumbar spine elasticity, increases hamstring flexibility, and relieves compression of spine and sciatica. Tones the hamstring muscles and increases flexibility of the hip joints. Increases vitality, removes mild anxiety, headache & fatigue. And more..

Backward-Bending Postures & Shoulder openers

  • Cobra Pose / Bhujangasana

  • Locust Pose / Salabhasana

  • Camel Pose / Ustrasana 

  • Bridge Pose / Sethu Bandhasana

  • Cow Face Pose / Gomukhasana

Benefits of Backward-Bending Postures & Shoulder openers

increases spinal flexibility and strength. It also strengthens and tones the back muscles. This pose helps with slipped disc and minor lower back pain and injury. It also fully opens the chest, giving strength and elasticity to the lungs. Tones the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck and buttocks. 

Relieving stiff shoulders and neck, while strengthening the back muscles and toning the arms. This poses calming the mind, and help relieving mild depression. And more…

Twisting Postures

  • Seated Twist / Marichyasana I

  • Supine Twist / Supta Matsyendrasana

Benefits of practicing Twisting Postures

tones the abdominal organs, helps relieve lower back stiffness and also keeps the intervertebral discs supple. It also stretches the shoulders and stimulates the brain. Calms the mind and reduces anxiety. And more…

Inversions and Core-Strengthening Postures

  • Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana 

  • Half Shoulder Stand / Ardha Sarvangasana 

  • Boat Pose / Navasana

  • Double Leg Raises / Dwi Pada Uttanapadasana

Benefits of practicing Inversions and Core-Strengthening Postures

increases blood supply to the throat, maintains the health of the thyroid gland, and is the best pose to prepare the lungs and diaphragm for Pranayama practices. It also stretches the spine while encouraging blood circulation, relieving varicose veins, and preventing blood stagnation. And more…

tones and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, lower back and pelvis. It helps tremendously with digestion, and with blood circulation. And more…

Relaxation Postures

  • Wind Releasing Pose / Pawanmuktasana

  • Corpse Pose / Savasana

Benefits of practicing Relaxation Postures

releasing any unnecessary tension they were exerting on other structures such as the bones, nerves & joints. It also helps relieve stress, mild depression, anxiety & fatigue. And more…

‘’The mind is silent, relaxed, in the moment… and the body is strong… that is the way of a Yogi to enjoy the life.’’    (Deep Kumar - In this course)

What Students say who met Deep in Person:

Susann Bantle (Germany):

‘’It is really hard for me to put the experience with Deep into words but I still want to share it. Deep has been an amazing, motivating teacher. In his teachings you can feel his love for Yoga and for each posture. He is paying attention to every detail and encourages his students to do the same. His teachings were not only informative, relaxing and exhausting at the same time but also full of dance and laughter. I am already looking forward to be learning from you soon again. Namaste.’’

Kareena Tan ( Malaysia):

‘’The name says a lot - Deep. As a teacher and guide, he leads you through the many layers of yoga to help reveal one's true self. He focuses on alignment and respecting each individual's body, and always gives priority to breath. He is so full of energy and love for life - and its infectious! Deep, you are my Rock Star Yoga Guru! Namaste.’’

Karin Garaialde (Schweden/Abu Dhabi): 

‘’Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge and passion from your heart, with simplicity and laughter, balancing depth and lightness in your teaching. From clear and very specific alignments in all postures, to laughter yoga, dancing, chanting, humming, breathing, and much more, you not only shared your knowledge of yoga but also inspired me how to approach life with all these ingredients.’’

A free E-book is provided with the purchase of this course. It contains the benefits and contraindication for every Pose. You have life-time access to all videos and the E-book. A 30 day money back guarantee is given in case of any dissatisfaction, without questions asked.

What You Will Learn!

  • fundamentally understand the right alignments of Yoga Poses
  • gain healing benefits and reduce the risk of injury in your Yoga practice

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is for Yoga practitioners, who wish to learn health-giving alignments of key Yoga-Poses
  • This course is for existing Yoga teachers or active Yoga practitioners
  • This course is for Yoga practitioners with interest in the healing benefits of Yoga
  • This course is NOT designed for Students with interest in learning advanced Poses like Handstand or Split