How to Help Family Members or Friends with Mental Illness

Practical Counseling Skills to help children, family or friends with Depression, Anxiety, or Other Mental Illness

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Someone you care about struggles with depression, anxiety or other mental illness and you want to know how to help.

Mental Illness is common, at least 35% of people experience mental illness during their lifetime, and some estimate that as many as 55% of people have a bout with it once during their lives. That means that as long as you know at least 3 people, odds are good that you know someone with a mental illness.

This course is packed with information for family and friends of someone with depression, anxiety, or other mental illness. It's got 5 hours of education in 55 short videos so you can know what to do to help them.

You’re taking this course because someone in your family or one of your close friends is experiencing depression, anxiety or another mental illness. They need help, and you want to know how to be helpful to them. You’re taking this course because you care about them.

Because you worry about them. Perhaps you’re afraid for their safety or their success.

You’re taking this course, because you-like your friend with a mental illness- don’t know what to do next to help.

In this course I’m going to teach you how to become an influential and positive source of support for your loved one.  I’m going to teach you the changes you can make to be a more effective helper.

  • How to build a Relationship of influence

  • Boundaries

  • Self-care

  • How to listen so they’ll open up to you, (Empathic and Reflective Listening Skills)

  • 32 Ways to help even if they don't want to talk

  • Stuff to say and Stuff not to Say

  • How to help them access resources

  • How to ask good questions

  • What to do if they won’t get help

  • Explore relationship dynamics that my be impeding the healing process

  • And 15 videos dealing with advanced topics like suicide prevention, recognizing dysfunctional roles, managing attention seeking behaviors and self harm, and so much more. 

Your relationship with the person you care about is the most influential factor for change that exists. You have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of others, So Let’s get started learning how to help.

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn how to support your loved one with mental illness in a positive and helpful way
  • Parenting skills for a Child with Mental Illness
  • Create a Healthy Relationship where you can influence them positively
  • Become a great listener so they'll open up to you
  • Know what to do if your loved one won't talk, won't get help, or is suicidal
  • Learn alternatives to traditional treatment so that they have multiple "tools" to help your loved one
  • Better understand relationship dynamics so you can improve your role in the system.
  • Boundaries
  • Self-Care
  • How to help them access resources
  • Advanced topics like suicide prevention, recognizing dysfunctional roles, managing attention seeking behaviors and self harm, and so much more

Who Should Attend!

  • Parents, spouses, friends and family members of someone with Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Illnesses
  • Mental Health Providers who want to learn a foundation in Relationship Based Influence