IPhone Photography Taking Better Photo with Your Smartphone

Your Iphone Photography Ultimate Guide to Learn How You can Take Better Photo with Your Iphone Like a Pro

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In this class you will Practice and learn how to take better photos with your smartphone (iPhone), Here are the class overview: Taking photo, Composing photo, Lighting techniques, Creating Connection with your partner, and Editing Photos from your iPhone. This class will enable you to understand iPhoneography through Practicing the fundamental basic photography.

Here are the main skills that you will gain through this course:

  • Taking Great Photo

  • Composing Photo

  • Lighting Photo

  • Creating Connection with People

  • Editing Your Photo

By the end of this class you will be able to take better photo with your smartphone. You will understand the basic concept of photography and iPhoneography. You will know be able to practice taking photo, composing photo, lighting photo, editing photo and most importantly connecting with people.The tools cover in this class will help you enhance your content capturing ability, and along the way, I will share with you to some of my favorite tips.

Please Share this class with your friend and family, you will understand the why by the end

What You Will Learn!

  • Taking Amazing Photo with Your Iphone
  • Compose your Photo Like a Professional
  • Light your Photo with a Sense of Creativity
  • Creating Connection with People
  • Editing your Iphone Photo Like a Pro
  • Learn and Pratice Iphone Photography Secret Fundamental of Photography.
  • Learn The Basic and Advance Tips and Tricks to Tell a Great Story
  • You will Practice Taking photo, Composing Photo, Lighting Photo, and Editing Photo

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is for someone who want to better their photography skills by use of smartphone or Iphone. So in short if you are seeking to create better photos, this class is for you.
  • To summarize, this course is for anyone interested in learning more about photography via the use of smartphone.
  • Now sign in and get the experience of taking better photos.
  • Anyone with a Smartphone