Learn to Sing (Even if You Suck)

Have fun singing even if you are tone deaf

Ratings: 4.68 / 5.00


We all love to sing but sometimes we feel like we can't sing in front of people. We are those who are confined to the showers with our singing. but no more.....

If you want to learn how to sing you can learn to sing. This course teaches you:

How we actually sing physically

How we mentally need to get out of the way

Exercises to strengthen our voice, sing on pitch, and increase our range.


  Whether you want to sing in the car with the friends or sing at the next Karaoke this class will get you on your way there. 

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn how the body works to sing
  • Learn how to practice in a safe effective way to get better at singing
  • Learn to sing with better breath
  • Learn to sing with a better understanding of their voice

Who Should Attend!

  • People who want to sing but are embarrassed to
  • People who think that they are tone deaf
  • People who want to enjoy singing
  • People who want to have fun singing in the car or at Karaoke