Lyricology: Perfect Song Structure and Beat Selection!

Simple techniques for counting bars, song structure and beat selection for aspiring hip hop artists.

Ratings: 4.28 / 5.00


This course is designed to help aspiring hip-hop artists to perfect their understanding of song structure and how to pick out the best beats possible for their musical expression. This course will cover:

  • Counting your bars
  • The standard formats for a typical hip hop song
  • Basic concepts of rapping on beat
  • How to pick the best instrumentals for your sound
  • Feeling the music and using that to write more heartfelt music
  • Establishing a sound that fits the style you want to develop

This course is perfect for beginners, but I feel that ALL artists will be able to grab something from this course. My goal with this courses (and all of my courses) is to teach you these concepts, then get you to experiment with these concepts and develop your own unique style out of what you've learned. I want to pull you out of your comfort zone! I GUARANTEE that your skills will escalate to new levels through this course!

What You Will Learn!

  • Count out beats and bars
  • Write perfectly structure songs
  • Recite lyrics perfectly to an instrumental
  • Select the best instrumentals for songwriting
  • Determine the speed of your instrumentals
  • Understand how to feel the music you're writing to
  • Find what fits you and the sound you desire

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is designed for Hip Hop artists that don't have a solid understanding of beat structure and traditional songwriting. This course is also for artists that don't know which types of instrumentation to perform on, in addition to forming a connection with the music that they're making. No prior musical knowledge is needed for this course. You might not want to take this course if you're looking for advanced music structure techniques (for example: writing to different time signatures, multi-speed instrumentals, etc.)