OSHA Safety Pro: Personal Protective Equipment

Impress management or get that job with you your ability to display life and dollar saving work place safety practices.

Ratings: 4.32 / 5.00


This safety course is about OSHA's Personal Protective Equipment Safety Standard and is designed to enable you with the tools to become a life saving and money saving asset to your company.  Impress management with your expertise on health and safety and how to apply it to all aspects of the job. This course is interactive, with questions for the instructor, simple and effective quizzes, and complete with actual job site inspections.

This course is designed with the busy, hardworking, family-provider in mind in that it is formatted to be taken anywhere. Take it with you on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Once enrolled this course is yours to keep and use and you see fit. Use it to impress supervisors and colleagues by conducting your own safety trainings and workshops. Print up the slides for field trainings, enroll in the course and play it for groups, or enroll employees and colleagues into it, this course is yours. 

What You Will Learn!

  • Effectively protect themselves against the many lurking hazards that exist at our places of business. Gain knowledge and understanding of the use and care of equipment required by employers.
  • Demonstrate to employers one's ability to care for their safety as well as the safety of their employers while on the job.
  • Understand the concept of working safely and returning home to one's family in the condition in which they left to work.
  • Grasp an understanding of OSHA regulations and protective practices.

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone Interested in protecting their faculties and senses from work place hazards that exist, to include hazards we don't see. This course is ideal for general and construction industry workers.