Wedding Photography Complete Guide For Beginners

Behind the scenes, camera settings, composition techniques, shooting angles, lighting, poses and many many more!

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Do you want to start a career or business in Wedding Photography? Do you enjoy capturing moments in a lifetime? Then you have come to the right place. In this course we will show you how we take photos at a wedding, How we freeze that moment in time and make it accessible for the couple forever.

Wedding Photography has become an in demand skill. Weddings nowadays are not complete without wedding photographers. May it be a hobbyist or professional photographer, Most couples make sure they have someone taking photos on their wedding day and that is what this course is all about, Wedding Photography.

We will kick off with the most important step in wedding photography which is planning, then we will quickly move on to preparations and the actual wedding day. We will share with you our entire workflow and you will see us actually do all of it. We will go over camera settings, composition techniques, shooting angles, lighting, poses and many many more :)

This course is perfect for

beginner photographers who want to learn more about wedding photography,

For aspiring wedding photographers who want to know what happens in an actual wedding photo coverage,

for anyone who wants to capture a wedding through photos,

For someone with a camera who has been asked by a friend or family member to take photos of the wedding

And absolutely anyone who just wants to learn how to take professional photos at a wedding

Paul and Rose are Photographers, Videographers and Entrepreneurs from the Philippines. They spent many years studying photography and videography. They started their Photo and Video Business back in 2017. Paul and Rose will teach you everything they learned and strategies they developed from countless wedding gigs.

By the end of the course you will be more confident in taking wedding photos. You will have access to their entire workflow and you will see them actually do all of it and if you will participate in the course activities, By the end of this course you will have captured a moment in a lifetime :) Let us start making memories and making them accessible forever. See you inside the course!

What You Will Learn!

  • Wedding Photography Basics
  • Actual Wedding Photoshoot Behind The Scenes, Workflow, Pricing, Packages, Contracts and Communicating with the Client
  • Portrait Photography Basics, Posing Techniques and Style
  • Gear, Camera Settings and Photo Editing

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginner Photographers
  • Beginner Wedding Photographers
  • Hobbyist
  • Wedding Couples
  • Anyone who wants to take professional looking photos at a wedding