Build+Deploy+Test with Jenkins 2.0

Learn Jenkins 2.0 for end-to-end testing of applications

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Build + Deploy + Test with Jenkins 2.0 course is designed in such a way that anyone with a good understanding of basic software development and testing can start learning this course effortlessly.

This course is designed not just for developers or testers, it's also designed for DevOps and Business Analyst.

This course covers rich topics from complete ground-up like

Basics topics

  • Understanding and configuring Jenkins 2.0

  • Understand and work with Jenkins 2.0 freestyle project

  • Understand and work with Jenkins 2.0 pipeline projects

  • Working with both Java and .Net project 

  • Configuring and working with multiple Agents

  • Working with Docker and cross-browser testing

  • Working with Jenkins Blue Ocean

Advanced topics

  • Pipeline as a code

    • Understanding Pipeline as Code

    • Creating Jenkinsfile from Jenkins Pipeline UI editor to check-in pipeline in Git

    • Understanding and working with Declarative pipeline Syntax for Jenkinsfile build

    • Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Syntax - Archive and Conditional steps

    • Jenkinsfile syntax validator with VS Code

    • Understanding and working with Multi-Branch Pipelines of Jenkins

  • Jenkins agents running as a docker container

    • Introduction and understanding build slaves /Agents for Jenkins

    • Configuring Jenkins Master with Local Docker daemon

    • Running Docker container as build agent via Jenkins file (Part A)

    • Running Docker container as build agent via Jenkins file (Part B)

    • Running Docker container as build agent from Jenkins file

    • Understanding Docker in Docker

    • Building Custom Docker in Docker image for Jenkins master

    • Building and running custom Docker in Docker image of Jenkins master

  • Building and deploying application with Jenkins agent within container

  • Building custom docker container with Jenkins master and automating it.

At the end of this course, one can have a clear understanding of what Jenkins is and its awesomeness with simplicity.

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand what Jenkins 2.0 is
  • Understand Jenkins 2.0 freestyle project
  • Understand Jenkins 2.0 pipeline projects
  • Working with both Java and .Net project
  • Working with Agents
  • Working with Docker cross browser testing

Who Should Attend!

  • QA
  • Dev
  • DevOps